How to Make Potato Chips at Home


We forever love homemade dishes. once mamma serves U.S.A. food, it makes U.S.A. pretty excited to style those. it’d be awing if we have a tendency to create our one among the favourite snacks reception. Yeah, i’m talking concerning potato chips. this is often thus delicious, tender and nice as a fast snack.

We can purchase packets of potato chips of varied flavor from any market. however it’s preservatives which could be venturesome to our health if we have a tendency to take it most. As we have a tendency to wish to lead a healthy life, we must always avoid such food ingredients. Okay, I cannot live while not taking this snack as a result of i’m terribly keen on this snack. Of course, you’re also! I mentioned with my mamma concerning this issue and he or she asked Maine to not worry any longer. amazingly she came back with a bowl of potato chips created by her! It tasted pretty nice and tender.

Isn’t it sensible to share with you such an incredible and simple direction for you all? yea, through this text, i’m about to share with you ways you’ll create this snack quickly reception.

First of all, you’ve got to rearrange for these ingredients.


Four potatoes.
Cotton textile.
Now let’s start.


Pick four potatoes of medium size.
Make round-shape skinny slices of every potato. however those potatoes ought to haven’t any peel. watch out once you do peeling of the potatoes and create slices with a knife.
Put all of these slices into a bowl. Pour the bowl with water. Add four teaspoon salt and stir that with a spoon. Throw away the water and have potatoes slices solely within the bowl. Leave this alone for 20-30 minutes.
It is a motivating part! you would like a bit of textile. replenish the material with the potato slices and press it laborious. it’ll take in the water.
On your stove place a arcuate pan and pour oil. currently it’s time to fry our chips!
Let’s serve these tender potato chips nicely in an exceedingly bowl! you’ll add a bit little bit of salt to create it tastier.
Let’s sit and watch a motion picture with these tender potato chips or fancy with afternoon and evening snacks.


Don’t fry chips for too long. Otherwise, it’d be burned.
These potato chips area unit with none further flavor. you’d get some reasonably salty style.
If you retain deep-fried chips unfastened, it’ll limp.


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